Video Consultations

Dr Neal is now advocating the use of video consultations in medico-legal assessments for the following reasons:

  • At the present time the coronavirus is making face to face consultations dangerous for patients and doctors.
  • Video consultations are more cost effective, convenient for Claimant’s and easier to arrange.
  • There is ample scientific evidence that telepsychiatry assessments are as reliable as face-to-face assessments and there is sufficient evidence of this to persuade a court (see the attached fact sheet).
  • Dr Neal has been successfully conducting telepsychiatry assessments on his patients for the past 5 years.

In order to set up a video consultation we require the Claimant’s email address and telephone number (preferably a mobile number).

If you have any questions about video consultations please contact Dr Neal’s PA Louise Naylor at  or telephone 01453 839309

Please download our fact sheet on the evidence for the reliability of tele-psychiatry assessments.